TSM Launch - April 27, 2013

With a winter that wouldnt seem to end, the April launch was more than welcomed with very pleasant weather. For 2013, all launches have a theme associated with them and the April launch was 'Busted and repaired' rocket launch.

Highlighting the launch, was six certification attempts, five Level 1 and one Level 2. With some fine constructed rockets, all certification attempts were succesful and with six successful certs - a club record for a single launch - great job folks! Five level one certifcations took place by some areospace engineering students from Iowa State University. Matt Dickinson, Sammuel Ennett, Spencer Dewald, Jake Harry, and Joel Lynch all certified with some very fine flights. Ryan, a new TSM member certified level 2 on his Door Knob, flying on a J360 to an expected altitude of 1650. The flight was great with the Door Knob landing towards the North East of the flight line. Most rockets at the April launch seemed to find the NE for a place to land. Strangely also was a large percentage of Lime Green Chutes that afternoon.

In keeping with the theme launch, 2 points were awarded that afteroon. Andy (1 point) had the most busted rockets out to the launch, his Bull Puppy, Murray, Got Thrust a.k.a the Cow, Tachyon Pulse, and his ARIS I all have seen their share of hardship in former flights. I even remember Murray littering the flight line in the past with more or less what was left of him after a mid-air malfunction. It was nice to see Murray take flight again.

The other point was awarded to Ron, for flying his Ron-Jon IROC on a motor that was from the vintage archive of 1997! The Ron-Jon sputtered for a long time on the pad before finally creeping up the launch rod at a leasurely pace. Unfortunately the delay for the motor was burning during the slow ascent and still somewhat under power the the Ron-Jon decided it was time to deploy the chute. Luckily it made it home with no harm and for the 16 year old motor - Ron was award a point.

Mark had a Warloc and a Goblin out to the launch. Both had rustic 'paint' schemes and both flew well. The Warloc on a J520 Skidmark which looked like it might have gone past the moat but no plank was needed as the Warloc landed North of the stream. The Goblin had a pink theme - with a J316 Pink motor and a pink chute to match!

Jerry had his Goblin out to the launch and somehow the Goblin was able to gobble up a J350 in an awesome flight. Jerry also had his sandhawk out for a flight in which he and Warren planned a drag race. Jerry wanted a flight one foot higher than warren but after the countdown, his sandhawk was sidelined with an ignitor issue as Warren took the prize in the drag race.

If the theme launch would have been most fins or most difficult rocket name to pronounce, Gary would have won with his V5 Divna - S2 Guideline. Gary also had his Mustang and a Tiny Pterodactyl on a G75 Sparky motor - yes as Gary's comments - 'Small with a Big attitude' held true in a great flight to 2200 feet - not bad on a G motor!

Scott and Warren both had a couple rockets out to the launch. Scott had the Big Swede flying on a J460 and his unnamed rocket flying on a I215 redline. At the flight line, we named his rocket 'Sexy' and she had a nice flight with a recovery close to the rangehead. Warren had his Astro with an expected altitude of 24?? feet along with his IRIS and ARIS I.

Craig flew a couple rockets as well. He was getting ready for the August 'Odd Rocs' launch with his NOS flying to 1000 feet on a G69 and his Dont Burst my Bubble on a H165 redline. The bubble found terra firma on its feet in a very cool flight.

The Iowa State Rocketeers planned to launch their club project 'Leon II' on a J380, but with time running out for the waiver, Leon found he didnt have the right sized rail guide for the available rails at hand. Looking back, it was probably a good thing since the Iowa State folks were really scrambling to preflight Leon before 4pm - mistakes are often made when rushing so hopefully we will see Leon again under more leaisurely contrainsts.

Tom took some great pictures at the launch and many are found in this launch report. The waiver expired for the launch at 4pm with 30 flights that took place and 6 certifications - a great, fun, launch all the way around. Thanks to everyone for the help setting up and tearing down. See you all at the May Launch with the theme 'Longest duration flight'!