TSM Launch - July 27, 2013

The theme for the July Launch was 'Home Brew Motors' and the fields of Maple Island were graced with 5 EX flights and 1 EX static motor tests. This was pretty good for EX numbers since 1/3 of the flights for July were flown on Home Brew motors!

Starting the July launch and keeping with the theme of Home Brew, Craig K. had Sugar Sugar out on the pad for the first flight of the day. Preflight comments stated 'Pour a little sugar on it Baby' and she flew sweet in a very nice flight to an altimeter reading of 2381 feet. A couple calories were burned in her recovery for she found home a reasonable distance in the southeast field. All in all a great flight - Good Job!

Andy L. was next out to fly with his Ariel on a I195 Black Jack for another nice flight. Mark K. was in line next with his 'naked' color IROC on a H255. The IROC wasnt bashful and had a very vivid arc over and nice deployment to proudly saunter back to terra firma.

Things got warmed up a bit with a MR1 by Craig N. The MR1 was fitted with an I395 AP-EX motor and pre-flight comments of 'Go or Blow - its all good' definitely spoke the truth and the MR1 experienced a CATO close to the pad. The MR1 was predicted to reach 4500 but fell a bit shy - quite literally in parts near the pad. Lets hope Craig can mend the MR1 and we see it again in a successful flight!

Warren flew his Iris in a great flight to about 1/2 mile in the sky and fate took her down well south of the moat, he did find her and she looks good for another flight.

Andy L. next flew his Paid Assiasin on an I333 KNSB motor that was 7 years old - she proved old motors do fly well and she made it to 1165 feet with a recovery just easy of the range head.

Ron had the Ron Jon IROC out on an I250 EX motor - pre-flight comments stated 'EX - Kaboom' but there were no issues other than a great flight for the IROC!

Andy E. certified Level 2 on a J460 to 3,000 feet in a picture perfect flight with recovery to the South. Congratulations in a nice flight!

Jerry had the Sandhawk out for one in the books on a G80 with an easy recovery east of the range head.

Chris K. had his Partisan out for a flight on a F50 motor. The flight was nice but the recovery was troubled as the Partisan was gobbled up by the corn near the moat. Hopefully she will escape the clutches of the corn and we might see her again.

Following troubles in the corn, Adam flew his Tethys on an H180 White Lightning - the flight was great, but a search party at the end of the day didnt find Adams rocket or Chris's. The search took place on the north side of the moat. Thankfully pictures from Mark H. gave enough evidence to find the Tethys the next day by Mitch and Family.

David D. tried his hand at a KNSB motor and flew his Litl' Butler on a H sugar motor for a very successful and nice flight, even though he was heckled by the Launch Control Office - a.k.a Andy Limper!

Craig N. had an L EX-AP motor for a static test but after multiple attempts to light her, the towel was thrown in for another launch - lets hope the Red Dragon motor finds its way back with positive results.

The Partial Mantis was back for flight on a J350 to 5200 feet. Issues with deployment brought her in hot for Craig K. She was recovered and probably will find her way to the shop for repairs, but from a long track record, I suspect we will see the maimed mantis back for a fixed flight.

Ending the launch was Mark K. and his Wildman Jart on an I287 with a very nice flight to conclude the July Launch. Thanks to everyone that helped and congratulations to all the folks that flew a home brew motor and Congratulations again to Andy E. for a textboook level 2 certification flight!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the August launch - its theme is Odd Rocs!