TSM Launch - May 26, 2012

Well after missing the April launch due to weather, Rocketeers expressed keen desire to try to hold a May launch regardless of questionable weather. The launch reminder teased of holding the launch with whatever the skies looked like and the morning showed promise that we would be able to sidestep any weather issues. Larry our landowner even confirmed rain shouldnt be an issue as he greeted us picking of the trailer.

Setup went quick with some good help from everyone and we were ready for the first launch of the 2012 season. Craig K. took honor for the first flight with his Packer Graphics. She had a little wiggle in a fine flight, landing to the NW, and easily cleared any powerline issues - as she has been tempted to find in the past.

Winds seemed to be much higher at the launch site than predicted earlier. The skies also took on an ominous look as weather might not be our ally. Regardless, folks brought rockets up to the flight line. Craig N. had a little MR1 out for a flight and no issues were found in a nice flight with a steady wind to combat.

Brian's (sp), Shades of Glory took to the skies after an ignitor issue. It followed consensus for flight paths that day with her finding ground north of the flight line.

Gary has his tiny pterodactyl out for a flight and we all took note of the rockets colors and that of Gary's very well matched jacket. The Pterodactyl was not swayed by the ominous weather with a nice flight.

Andy a.k.a the one who made it clear we would have a May launch, and said he would have a Cow if we didnt have a launch, stood by his words and she steer-ed towards Maple Island in a nice flight. Afterwards, Andy and the rest of the crew started to become worried that the rain off to the west would find its way to our launch site soon. Lightning started to flash and folks though to shut things down soon.

I believe the last launch of the day was Warrens BBX. We caught a nice shot of warren with his BBX and our launch site improvised speaker rain gear. Here is the BBX in flight just before the rain.

Folks quickly started to tear down the launch site and thankfully everything was in the trailer when a downpour soaked the fields. I felt bad for Gary our vendor at the May launch, trying to load up all his gear before things were soaked. Folks decided to head to Bruno's East for a lunch out of the rain and enjoyed some great commraderie even if the May launch was brief.

Sorry for the short launch report, all the flight cards were packed up in the trailer quickly before the rain and this is from memory alone. Thanks go out to everyone who tried to make the best of the launch. Paul had his laptop with radar which was quite helpful and Jerry was bright enough to not pick up to porta-john, knowing better than the Prefect that rain would cut the day short. Lets hope for clear skies at the June launch, and also thanks go out to Ron, for not laughing at me, trying to dash out of my car in the rain to pick up to launch sign at 251 - needless to say, myself, the road, and the rain all met in a thump before the sign found its way to the tailer!

See you all in June!