TSM Launch - August 25, 2012

The August launch started off with a great flight by Craig K. Packer Graphics, she flew on a G64 and pre-flight comments stated for folks to watch the wiggle and to have her stay away from the power lines. She did just that with a nice flight and she landed to the east away from any corn.

Soon after Craig N. brought something that looked like a refreshment rocket to the flight line and had his NOS with a very old G77 redline out to the pads. There was a little too much carbonation in the NOS and she fissed and tossed a split motor into the corn. Sadly the motor went returnable without refund!

For a break in the action an old Large rocket that graced Ken's classroom went to the TSM auction block. Throughout the day several bids were made, but I am not sure she found a new home by the end of the launch. She was very vintage looking with a nice boattail to boost.

Carl had his American Classic out to the launch with a beefy L850 nestled in her eraser. His flight card failed to indicate expected altitude, but the spectators believed she got very close to our waiver limit in a great flight. To aid in her recovery, she had APRS onboard and was transmitting Lat/Long on her way down. Scott helped track her coordinates transmitted on a very cool accessory box that Carl fabricated housing some TinyTrack equipment. She found her way to the NE and with the APRS data to help recovery was successful.

Craig K. also had the vernable Slyder to the launch with the burger booster, it was quite appropriate, white castles were on the menu at the Rocket Grill. Craig's flight card comments - 'white castle states - what goes up must come down'. Rightly so, Slyder took to the sky but the slyder sustainer failed to light bringing her back home quickly. On a positive note, recovery for the Slyder was easy and hopefully we will see a successful slyder sustainer subsequently in September.

Jerry had his LOC shadow Hawk out for a flight on a G38 motor, we caught Jerry out at the pads with her and the flight was successful, but recovery was found in the corn to the west. Mark was also captured out at the pads with his Art Applewhite 10 inch saucer. She or it, flew on a F27 redline and Mark took the record home for closest to pad recovery at about 15 feet.

Tom and Wyatt had a nice looking Red Diamond out to the fields of Maple Island in a very textbook perfect flight and fine landing. Good Job! Later in the day, and just before the Launch had to be shut down due to rain approaching, Tom certified Level 1 on his great looking Blue Bird. She flew on an H125 to about 1500 feet in another textbook flight and very nice certification.

With rain approaching, the launch was torn down quickly with great work from everyone and folks retreated to Bruno's East for some fine commraderie. Thanks again for everyones help with the launch. The TSM August launch was shortened a bit, but a very nice day out at Maple Island.