TSM Launch - September 22, 2012

The September launch was rather brisk for the begining of fall, some hot chocolate and chicken soup made a valiant attempt to warm things up. The skies were overcast for most of the day, but regardless some great flights took to the September sky.

Matt had both his Pegasus and his Eliminator out to the September Launch, He had two flights on his Eliminator. The first flight was very nice with a near road recovery and the second flight was powered by a cool sparky motor. The chute got tangled a bit on the seconds flight with recovery towards the west. Matt also flew is Pegasus II on an I285 motor to about 2400 feet - a very nice third flight for the Pegasus.

Craig had, Manley, back at the launch and I think the pre-flight Manley greeting card's batteries were struggling in the cold, but Manly took off like a banshee on a H112 motor to about an 1/2 mile high altitude. Recovery for Manley took Craig across the moat and somehow he managed to stay dry - which was very good with the cool temps at the launch. Manley made it back to the range head in a great flight. Craig also flew the veneral Partial Mantis on the J400, The Mantis was launched with a typical 'K inspired angle' and it proved very appropriate with a near road recovery towards the northwest. The Mantis was a little late on deployment but she came back fine.

Craig had his 'Dont Burst my Bubble' out at the launch on a H-238, she was predicted to reach 1600 feet and she was very quick off the pad. Deployment was a little late and the bubble burst into seperate spacecraft. I think the chute came down in the southeast and the rest of the rocket in the northeast. Knowing Craig, thats not the last we have seen of the bubble, I am sure she will find her way back to Maple Island repaired.

Mark had the Screamin' Green Meanie out and powered by an E motor dressed in a very cool paint job. The Meanie made it to about 900 feet in a good for go green flight.

Warren had his ARES I out to the launch but technical difficulties with the airframe and available rods prevented her from taking flight. It was a quiet launch but a fun outing at Maple Island for the September Launch. Thanks as always to the folks that helped set-up and tear-down to the range. See you at the October Launch!