TSM Launch - October 27, 2012

The October launch looking to be cool, but dressing sensibly, it turned out to be one of the best launches of the season. Much the flight activities were chaperoned by a very competent 'Flight Director' who kept a watchful and very helpful eye on the days activities.

Highlights for the launch were to Level 1 certification attempts. Adam Long, flew his Tethys on an H128 motor in a great looking flight to 1000 feet and a textbook perfect certification. Good Job! Andy Emkovik flew his Amraam 2 on an H128 motor as well and it seemed to be the trick for the day in another fine flight and a successful certification. Scott and Andy had a couple more flights for the day, Their G-3 made it to 4000 feet on a J315 redline and their Mini BBX on an H128 white lightning made it to 1800 feet with a nice near range head recovering a bit to the north. They also flew their Mini Mag on an "I" motor, there were some concerns about the weight but it had no problems whatsoever and recovery in the south east.

Jerry had his veneral Sandhawk to the October launch and flying in a G79 motor another fine flight for it - landing to the west.

Tanner had a couple flights at the launch. Remarks for one of the flighs was 'Awesome'. We caught decent from the range head for one and a very easy recovery.

Mark and Chris brought a couple flights to the launch. Chris had his Levithan flying on a F22 motor with recovery close to the range head. Mark had a Polecat Goblin powered on a I175 in a very nice flight. I think this is an inflight shot of Mark's Phobos - but its moving pretty quick to be sure! :-)

Mark H. had a couple flights as well at the launch. His Cyclotron flew on a H120 motor to 1700 feet for its first flight this year. Keeping with tradition, Mark had a couple more flights on his tumble recovery vehicles. His Hornet Monocopter flew on a C motor and his Applewhite Saucer lit the skies up with a skidmark motor to 250 feet.

Rob had a pair of rockets, his Tuff Stuff flew on a J570W in a good looking flight with nice close to range head recovery on a J motor. He also had his Jart flying on a H90 - the Jart came in on a tangled chute in the northwest.

Warren flew is Viking I on a G80, the flight was good but a little hard to track with the white paint but a fine flight and she found home in the south east.

Scott hit both ends of the spectrum, he had Cally's star and his flash at the launch. Cally's Star needed a little coaxing to get her airborne, Craig N. came to the ignitor rescue with the 'ol Nelson special'. Callys Star looked great on a long burn J90. PS - Scott should consider making his wood Flash rockets for nice gifts this holiday season (hint)!

Craig N. went for the atitude record at the October launch, I think Tanner gave him a run for his money but at the days end and end of launch - Craig took the trophy home. We dont have all the atitude data for his White Lightning powered by a J350, but its safe to say we got very (pause) very close to our waiver limit!

Thanks for everyones help with the launch and helping get things put away for the season, special thanks go out to Ron for storage and maintenance. It was really a nice outing at the October launch and once everything was packed away - some comaraderie was found at Brunos east. Thanks again to everyone for great help at the launches this season!